NewApk »Around Sound Pro v2.61

Posted by Joy Fuaem on Sunday, October 20, 2013
Around Sound Pro v2.61

Android Market Download NewApk »Around Sound Pro v2.61 : Android 2.2

Android Market Download NewApk »Around Sound Pro v2.61 : Around Sound Pro allows listen , watch movies games while still being aware surroundings.

What :

Pro Street Mode:

+Walk down hear above trigger level. Never interrupts .

For Games: Non-pause should work well. Request support Sound's Pause Mode from game's developer.

Pause Mode:

+Uses 's microphone noises your music if one , then play back that triggered short period the optionally resumes .

Non-Pause Mode:

+Uses your headset's microphone noises your music, movie volume if one , then play back the sound that triggered short period then returns volume.

Bluetooth Mic Option:

Currently headsets AD2P kind

As seen on:


★ Editor's Choice★


Where would I use it?

+At : pause automatically when someone

+At home: Don't miss door slams, children crying, barking, warning signs

+At : Relax gate pause when announcements start

+Anywhere relatively quiet where if something happens around you

Best with:

Sound isolating earbud headphones

- These earplugs now, so don't miss out's around you.

You just headphones but be aware used is now . So leaving wouldn't work so well.

How :

Make sure in.

Simply start , push Start, see level around you, set the trigger level , h home button app .

Permissions Needed:

Phone Calls: Read Phone status (shuts off processing during calls)

Hardware Controls: Audio Settings, Record Audio ( , no audio stored)

Bluetooth: Bluetooth microphone option

Broadcast Sticky: Bluetooth microphone option


-Needs Froyo (Android NewApk »Around Sound Pro v2.61 2.2+)

-For Pause Music Mode: 't be really loud environment otherwise sa maxed out way to detect a louder sound. Use Street Mode instead

Coming Soon:



I develop Samsung Galaxy SIII using default music player works without killing bar control or lockscreen control. Recommended.

Winamp: Make sure headset controls, WORKS

Samsung's FM Radio App currently doesn't work (actually crashes , sorry)

DoubleTwist: Make sure headset controls, WORKS

Power Amp: Make sure headset controls, WORKS

Uber Music: Make sure headset controls, WORKS

MixZing: Make sure headset controls, WORKS

Rocket Player: Make sure headset controls, WORKS

Pandora: WORKS

Spotify: WORKS

Others: Should work if headset controls.. email me if not.


MX Player

Samsung Video Player

Others: If Target Media Apps, work


This first app so please send me feedback good. If something is wrong let me know first before giving a low rating.

Thanks !

Action Bar-ICS created using Action Bar Sherlock

Developed Samsung Galaxy SIII

What's NewApk »Around Sound Pro v2.61 : (Updated : Oct 17, 2013)

Added Google Analytics, under tweaks




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