NewApk »TouchDown HD v8.3.00058

Posted by Joy Fuaem on Tuesday, November 26, 2013
TouchDown HD v8.3.00058

Android Market Download NewApk »TouchDown HD v8.3.00058 : 3.0

Android Market Download NewApk »TouchDown HD v8.3.00058 : T /ICS/JellyBean Tablets .


- Revamped UI, card layouts views

- Custom Panning screens screen

TouchDown HD gets , Contacts, Calendar from Exchange server, single tabbed view.

Now tablet comes closer when user experience.

When data access device, what for. fair comparison, compare counts along stars.

NitroDesk, Inc. building TouchDown since October 2008. improved through hundreds of internal NewApk »TouchDown HD v8.3.00058 s, best downloaded Email solution.

Comprehensive : Support number types (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks) syncing for Exchange 2010 servers.

Customizable : Dozens the app behave just . Custom notifications, speech notifications, viewing tweaks, pinch-to-zoom, peak times more.

SD card support : Move SD card if necessary

Widgets : Email, Tasks, Calendar, Universal Widgets make glance. Support party widgets give wide range

Most Secure: TouchDown supports exchange activesync policies such, Remote Wipe, Data encryption and Storage card encryption data. Hundreds trust TouchDown security, privacy data. Discerning organizations mandage high usability along.

Corporate Data Separation: TouchDown keeps data separate from data. Without TouchDown, flatten to factory defaults., they remove corporate data belonging , leaving behind information.

S/MIME: TouchDown solution so far sending and receiving S/MIME signed emails. S/MIME signing and encryption ensures emails tampered with, ensure ensured visible the intended recipient.

Manageable : TouchDown integrates popular Mobile Device Management solutions market today, increasing phone well IT organization's security policies.

What's New



Fix mark/read updates

Slide from left views folders

Support attachments from Skydrive

Signing/Encryption fix

- New most screens

- Custom Panning screens main touchdown screen (customizable screen)

- Card layouts views

- New popout folder views screens

- fixes several bugs

- Supports Sony SmartWatch 2



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